Our Vision

We envision a world where work is engaging, fun, and focused on creating, not just complying.

We hold ourselves to some guiding principles:

  1. We take risks - We take steps outside of the box & we don't accept the safe, tried, and true path. Living a life with no risk leads us to become bored and stagnant.
  2. We are curious - We keep our curiosity at the forefront of our minds. Constantly asking, what if we tried this, or what if we went there, what if we talked to them?
  3. Genius is in simplicity - If people understand something, it's more likely to be used.
  4. Progress over perfection - Waiting for something to be perfect before it's released means it will seldom be seen. Taking action is far better than passivity.

To bring our vision to life: We write fun and engaging security drills. We automate monotonous security paperwork to give people their time back. We provide effective tools to communicate with colleagues. We provide engaging and effective training. We are working to provide ever-improving security management services.

forming ideas


Our Beginnings

The idea for MARSEC.app initially formed during while crossing an ocean. After digging through binder after binder of documents, we thought there must be an easier way to keep all of this organized. With the advent and implementation of MTSA requirements across the entire United States Maritime Industry, the amount of additional record generation and record keeping requirements grew substantially.

After earning degrees from and certifications from Maritime Academies, security training centers, and working in the industry, we decided to begin working on the idea of simplifying and reducing the burden of paperwork.

Our Goal & Product

In the start of 2020, with people, companies, and agencies began moving to remote solutions. We have stepped in the fill the need for a truly remote and secure security management system. We have built a system where mangers, secutiy personnel, and operations persons alike can manage and control the security of the vessel, facility, or platform.

Over the next several months and coming years we are looking to improve the operational effiency of security and MTSA compliance. Some of the features and products we are working on include:

  • USCG Audit Preparation
  • Online security training
  • Automatic log & record generation
  • Next-Generation TWIC readers
  • Improved access control measures